Spouse Spying Ettiquette

It seems kuna issue na spying. people say usispy on your spouse, mara wacha simu bla bla bla
Centi zangu mbili

  1. If you SUSPECT iko kitu, by all means investigate.
  2. Kama huna reason ya kususpect, wacha kabisa kabisa
  3. Ukiwa na reason na uinvestigate na hupati chochote, wacha kabisa kabisa.
  4. Ukiwa na reason na univestigate na unapata evidence, pea dame (ama boy) high boot.
  5. Usiposuspect, wacha kabisa

Listen, mahali kuna moshi kuna (ama kulikuwa na ama kutakuwa na) moto.
Hata serikali (za maana) wakisuspect wanachunguza.

Personally I’ve only done it once some 10 years ago.
Sikulike ile nimepata but juu nilikuwa “in love” i tried kuibeba tu. NEVER AGAIN!

My take: Chunguza ukiwa na reason ya kususpect. Kama huna, let peace prevail.
And please usifanye juu uko insecure (especially maboy). Insecurity is for girls. Shika doria.

This statement is brought to you by the following hekayas



My motto “If you investigate, trouble finds you”. If you dont have an exit plan of how to deal with it…wachana naye

Have found out people investigate because they are given a reason to by another party

If you just dating stop the bullballs… But if youve proposed go ahead as.i.do tell.niggar

agree totally…u investigate when u are given a reason to and you do it to someone you value…

you would rather live a lie than deal with the truth?

Spying ni ngori lakini sometimes ni poa to assuage your doubts.