The rush that life has become…!

Atleast tumeona Pixels za camera si mbaya saaaaaana…

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saa zingine inabidi…sometimes we get handjobs kwa gari asubuhi since we were too tired to get it up last night…wet wipes come in handy:)

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hehe huyu anweza shikwa someone was once arrested for driving bila “fyatu fyake”

AAAiii hio pixels ziko down i think ni tecno ama bird model :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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Nimekudumb officially :frowning:

ni NQKIA lakini hehe

Hehehehe…Wewe na @Ice_Cube ni #MaHater sasa…


QUOTE=“Purr_27, post: 35960, member: 682”]Nimekudumb officially :frowning:

.The word is dump…it truly came with sheepo_O

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dump, my dear, dump. dumb makes you look, er, dumb…


Kuwa mpole na mrembo wetu @Purr_27

Some guys have a zero sense of humor. I bet they are damp.

as in wet rags?

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Not quite. Something like an assembly of shocks and springs, fit for critical dumping.


come slowly kijana don’t insult my gal @Purr_27 i still love you even if you can’t construct simple sentences…what matters is how you express yourself in-between the sheets;)

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Kung’ara on the go