Can interested members contribute their prediction so that this sport forum to be active

Its too early but these are my random picks


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Do you guyz bet on J-League? Its among the easiest leagues to make money. When I used to do online betting 3 years ago I never lost any money in J-League

Mimi nangoja ligi ya Europe ianze

I’ve never understood this isht and certainly I’m not putting my money into it. It’s more of gambling than investing.

frst half under 1.5, second half most goals

True. My bets in J-League were always over 2.5 goals.

I second but sometimes impatience kicks in and you can’t wait for the J League games so you have to bet on others and that is how I lose my money

I only bet on the jackpot yet to start on others

J-League matches start at 8am Kenyan time. Start by betting on those then the profits unazipeleka European leagues when they kick off in the afternoon. But I always avoided English Premier League. Its among the most difficult to predict the winner. In EPL, I just bet on corners. I say a game like Arsenal will have over 9.5 corners

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Betting on corners? In sportpesa?

Uzuri ya Jackpot you can bet as many times as you want but sai it’s very hard

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what site is that? bwin ama bet365?

Sijawai tumia sportpesa. I used to do online betting. Hapo ndio you can make real cash if you are a pro better.

wewe jaribu online betting and see if you will go back to sportpesa.

Online betting iko na hadi bets za coin toss. As in which team will start the match. Shida ya online ni iko very addictive. I used to sleep few hours weekends juu nafuata all matches from J-league to za South America 3am kenyan time

Naona mnapenda kuinvest lakini ya hapa ni very risky. Fungueni CDS account mngoje masaibu ya KQ yaongezeke, shares zikishuka mnunue alafu mngoje bail out ya sirkal shares zitapanda muuze

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hawa ndio watafanya the parents association ianze nduru



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Unamaanisha nini exactly ukisema online betting? Kwani sportpesa sio online betting???