Sportpesa ni kunyonya kunyonya tu kama Kunguru njaa

Kenyans will die poor and desperate because laziness and useless government

hey cretin

Strangely enough there’s the insurance industry which operates almost in a similar manner to gambling…
And nobody says a thing.
This is how it works.
Insurance and\or gambling collects, 100%.
Winners/claimants get 10%.
Tax is paid from the 10%.
They keep the 90%. Drive around Nairobi and lookout for those high-rise buildings insurance companies are setting up from upperhill to westie. Ask yourself where that money comes from.
Wacha watu wanyonywe.

Insurance is the world’s oldest scam.

What percentage of the insured get compensated after a loss?
What percentage of gamblers get to win substantially?

Insurance…wacha tu. Iko ile upuus inaitwa investment plan. You give 10 or 20k a month for 10yrs( this is locked up and if you break the contract you forfeit a huge percentage of your contribution) halafu when it matures you only make less than 100k! Heri Sportpesa

No, doesn’t happen this way. Claims huwa above 60% halafu pia kuna pesa ya reinsurance.

Hii ni ujinga sana…sijui walitoa wapi hizo ideas