sportpesa jackpot

Last week i placed my first sportpesa jackpot bet after a long and good research but i only got 4/13 games correct.

What i came to realise is that you dont have to research so hard ,9/13 of the winning teams were the teams with the least odds, then there were 3 draws ( 2 of which i had predicted correctly ) and 1 team whose odds were high won, if only i had followed my instincts singekosa 10/13 correct but i will try my luck this week, again most of the teams that were playing in last week jackpot are still playing this week so the prediction wont be that hard to figure out i hope.

The good thing about the jackpot you can place more than one bet and if you get 10/13, 11/13, 12/13 games correct bado kuna pesa mob za kushinda

gai 4 games? wewe achana tu nayo. kwa jackpot ukiona stoke city na Sunderland hizo weka draw

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WOW :confused::confused::confused: this is like greek…my workmates are so into this sport pesa , they spend Saturday morning betting

I got nine out of 13, i needed ten to atleast get a bonus

Gambling is a disease my friend…and you are just about to get hooked. RUN RUN RUN before its too late.


@john_doe If you ever needed advice…here you go.

That makes life a chronic condition.

i must win that jackpot…100 si pesa mingi

Since Saturday sport pesa had done more clearing that filling of my mpesa account. I keep saying just one more and I’m done

I also used to bet almost daily, I remember placing a multibet worth 73k and guess which team failed me…a home team whose odd was 1.06 vs the visiting team whose odd was 17.63 (result 0:1). Tokea hapo nikapunguza betting zangu to only once or twice a week

Betting sh 100 or sh 200 per week si mbaya, shida ni kubet daily and betting using alot of cash

hehe hapo kulikuwa na maneno, nobody would have seen that coming.

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I was hooked to gambling sometime back and that thing is terrible its even more than alcoholism and smoking combined it was hard
But when i quit i was so happy now i dont even
Come close to pool dens and poker tables

wachana na jackpot. enda ligi kama belgium, turkey etc upate pesa

We deoro umepata ngapi. If only there was a bet advisor section apa. Ata yields ya 35-40% sio mbaya. @imei2012 atachungulia ivi kama ameanguka

Just like in the old days the house, (read the gambling company) never loses.It uses the losers money(majority) to pay the jackpot winners(minority) while throwing token wins your way to keep you hooked.In between, they’re making crazy profits.


A bride called off a wedding after the
groom gambled away Sh50,000 of
funds set aside for it in the SportPesa
Brigitte Wanjira boarded a matatu at
Kahawa Wendani bus terminus in
Kiambu on Sunday with her luggage in
tow, ignoring Fredrick Savwa’s pleas
and leaving him standing in the rain.
Wanjira reproached Savwa for his
folly saying she could not marry a
man who did not consult her before
spending their money.
She said it was not the first time he
had lost money gambling, noting that
he misused their rent the previous
Savwa who expected to win the Sh8.9
million jackpot said he only gambled
because chances of winning were
“very high”.
He said his intention was to top up the
wedding fund, but Wanjira who was
unconvinced cancelled the May 23
Triza Nyambura, a witness, said
Wanjira had acted prudently as many
women fall victim to their husband’s
poor financial habits.
Nyambura noted that men are
increasingly getting addicted to betting
in the competition.
She said they waste school fees and
household funds and forget their


Smart woman, that.:slight_smile:

enough to buy me bundles for my pc n phone usage. i sina pupa mob

I don’t know if you can gamble for fun, say like 3k a week without messing your finances.