sportpesa jackpot

Si iko watu wana bahati, imagine getting 13 picks right.

Wainaina had the first 10 picks right, and there were three more to go. The pressure became too much to bear, with only two matches left by Monday 1am. “I tried praying, but I was weak. I woke my wife up to help me pray. I don’t know even what I was telling God. But I remember telling Him to let me win. I even confessed all my sins so that I could win a clean man,” said the 31-year-old father of two. ”I was checking the progress of the matches with every single second.” He could not hide his joy when he realised he was the latest millionaire in town. With the stroke of lack, he had pocketed Sh8.9 million, just like that.
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Been thinking about that story and all after a 100 bob bet, I guess sportspesa will get a lot of bets this weekend, The most I won in a bet is 7k na yote iliisha before we parted ways with friends for the night

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If he is smart he will never be poor. First thing is to own his home because rent ni swara and keeps many people enslaved. Then install solar panels on the new home to cut down on energy costs. I wish him the best juu kadi zote za wedding committee na pre-wedding na baby shower na further studies harambee zitatumwa kwake


Niulize aje, if team kama chelsea plays kateam wasiwasi na ni obvious win hapo mtu hupata mangapi.nataka hio jackpot pia.

@Web Dev they are the ones that give you a list of games for the jackpot, and they are not easy calls; odds za chelasea beating team kama burnley ni kidogo sana, it may stand at 1.02 meaning you bet 1000 for a chelsea win u get 1020. but burnley may have 3.5 so if they win and bet for a burnley win that is 3500 bob. This week’s jackpot stands at 5,000,000 and these are the games that one is supposed to bet [ATTACH=full]2459[/ATTACH]

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vile anaonekana ni mtu ya kanisa 10% inaenda kwa pastor

@Ice_Cube naona hapo bahati ni fifty fifty anyways.thanks lakini.

I hope mtumichi/mchungaji si Kanyari :eek:

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Eti alipigia sportpesa simu before wampigie kweli huyu alikuwa na pupa

My buddy won 60k from the site on a Friday. Guess his mpesa balance on Monday. Alcohol is not the enemy. Stupidity is


i hpe ata mimi ntashinda siku moja aki

The house always wins & that,s like the 2nd winner in like 2 years…


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True. Most people start weird myriads of investments and loose it all. I always say that you should start cooly by buying good home so that you wont feel the need to ever move. That would be 2.5-3m cash for a guy like him. Alafu some cheapcar like a second hand NZE ama probox. Sio kupapia investments za upuzi na wewe ni maskini hana mahali pa kulala. Utashangaa umebaki na 1k peke yake na bado uko kwa vibanda

I think ni easy come easy go …


Don’t tell me that the decimal point switched positions from extreme right to extreme left.


Ati ataanza kutumiwa macardi za committee:D:D

Nikashinda pesa kama hio siwezi taka kujulikana. Hata bibi siwezi ambia.

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