sport pesa inafanya via paypal, visa and airtel

villagers wenye wana bet tumieni Equitel, AIRTEL, MASTERCARD, VISA, PAYPAL but not MPESA

wajinga ndio waliwao

nimetoka betin shop. ile vitu nimeonyeshwa manze

So what have they achieved .

wanataka kuinua telkom

Iko side gani?

Withdrawal symptoms ndizo hizi…

More to follow; You can bet ukiwa border ya Uganda na Kenya ukitumia mpesa!

:D:D:D:D:D:D go get help

Adjascent na java house naks

Ambia yeye arudie kafunix. Pia hio ni gambling.

Take a step of faith and tell us…


Sportpesa has no other payment options apart from mpesa and airtel money. They might be market leaders here in Kenya in terms of numbers but I wonder how they have not tried to invest in other payment options like crypto and electronic wallets that can be used by their internet savvy clients. Majority of sportpesa customers are the kawaida mwananchi betting with 50 shillings who dont even know what a crypto currency is. Other betting websites with alternative payment options were not affected much by the Mpesa shutdown and they are just running normally using online payments. Sportpesa went to bed with the government through massive lobbying and buying of policy makers when they entered the Kenyan market,little did they know that the same government would later into their worst nemesis and fuck up their business.