Spiritual warfare

I feel led to share this fresh spiritual warfare story.

I told you guys my former day bug visited.

We are friends. She started work immediately. Jan 16.

The moment she started, things started going wrong: The tricycle broke. A tap I’d recently replaced in the main bathroom broke. My shower head element burnt. Twice. I burnt a stainless steel sufuria beyond repair brewing black tea.

My budget, spending and income haven’t changed, but my money was always short.

Normally, God stretches my money. I can have 4k, spend 4,500 and somehow fine, I now have 8k.

But this time, twice, I’d be sure I had 8k, make an order, and find I had Sh. 200. It was never more than Sh300.

We were lacking things we had never lacked, like food and tissue.

I knew something was off.

I paid Sh 780 for a 450 Bolt boda delivery.

I’d buy bananas and find snails. Ten drumsticks and find they were rotten. Sweet potatoes all rotten. Eggs would break.

I remember saying here how the same amount of chapati unga seemed to be yielding fewer chapatis.

When the kitchen light started acting up, then blew, then another bulb went off, then the shower head acted up AGAIN, it was too much.

And then on the same day that I paid Hotpoint for something that was out of stock and struggled to get a refund, I switched on a light, heard a boom, and the bulb and the lampshade to the floor. Just a cord left on the ceiling.

Two electricians found nothing wrong. As soon as the first one stepped out, the light issue started again.

That was it. I decided to fire her.

As I mulled over how to fire a friend I felt had not done anything wrong as far as work, I remembered a “random” (see God!) discussion I’d had with my sister about Abimelech and then Achan, just days before.

Trying to be brief, here: Abimelech had done no wrong. He did not know Sarah was married. But because she was in his house, women were becoming barren and people were getting haemorrhoids. Sarah HAD to leave for normalcy to return.

Because Achan had buried an accursed thing in his house, the entire nation of Israel lost terribly at war. He had to be stoned and the accursed thing removed for victory to return.

I had to act. Jane hadn’t wronged me, as far as I was concerned. But she had to leave.

And as soon as I fired her, things returned to normal.

It is good to be aware of dates and coincidences around things that happen in your life.

For example… Your husband is acting distant, and you realize it started just after you hung that beautiful wall art on your wall.

You move into a new home and your family starts fighting daily.

You hire someone, and you suddenly find you struggle to pray.

You move to a new town, and begin to feel a strange attraction to the same sex.

You buy a new bed, and suddenly you have nightmares.

Or, as happened to me, if you remember that thread, a chair “refuses” to enter your house.

Do not take it for granted. God loves you and wants you to live in victory.

More importantly, pray over your living space.

That chair “refused” to enter my house because I had asked God to keep all evil out. Only after I prayed over it did it enter - almost toppling two strong men over.


Punguza ushirikina

A Christian should be above this weird speculations about people,
As a Christian the blood of Jesus sort us everything. How can an inferior force dorminate you.

Naomba nikutombe .