Man as a species shares about 98.8% of his genetic makeup with chimpanzees. Yet the small part that we do not share results in all the differences we see. The 1.2% brings about a 30+ million variations between the two. These variations make us more intelligent…less ugly looking less hairy etc. A distinct feature in these apes is prognathism pale jaws ziko elongated. So dear friends some of us are more monkeys than others.





There is evidence that humans are a result of many species of primates crossing the line and mating thousands of time.

Monkey Trading…

Things are not as plain as you put them here. Phenotype(how you look, behave, all your characteristics) is determined by about 1% of your DNA. What this mean is that about one percent of human DNA is made up of protein coding sequences. The rest is non-coding. About 8% of this non-coding DNA regulates the 1% coding DNA. So, what this mean is that coding sequences in Apes and Homo sapiens could be similar but regulated differently. In other words, our genes code for pretty much the same proteins that the genes of mice and Apes do. What looks like huge differences between our species arise largely from differences in regulation — what point in life a particular protein-coding gene turns on or off, and in what cells.

wa na sasa huyu Adam and eve tuseme aje ama ni ma kata za mababu zetu ndio tusijue sisi ni nugu tu.

Dim eyes vs shiny eyes perhaps

I have heard of a monkey or a babuon or chimp( as you call it) become the Prime Minister of a country. It is said that he/ it owns several businesses. Completed a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. And owns a palatial home in Karen , amongst several other properties. A tidy achievement I must say. Now the question to you @matrixwestworld is what have you achieved so far in your life with your superior DNA (compared to this monkey). Or are you more monkey than him?

You consider having a degree an achievement?..haha building a house too…and running for office…
How about what has he done with the degree? That’s the truest measure of having totally grasped the course In its entirety. There is a difference between cramming and actually understanding and applying concepts learnt…
I have done my fair share in advancing mankind in this world…