Special DO's in the Moi Regime

What was the job description of these civil servants ? For instance, from the local media, i’ve picked that Rigathi Gachagua was a Special DO , designated in Molo in 1992 , when the tribal clashes were at their worst ?

Wacha mambo ya inooro buana, donge!!!

Uko na job description ?

Which credible Media is this?

The special DOs worked on specific national priorities e.g. soil conservation. They were also a parallel intelligence system so they kept security organs on their toes.

We need. A return to such in this era where corruption has become endemic in all the areas of government

Was the late kiambu DO Ngeno also a special DO? He used to receive a lot of kbc coverage when we were in lower primary.
The late ishmael chelanga also comes to mind. I think he was the matiangi of our time when we were kids. Imagine how different rift valley politics would have been had he been alive

Special DOs were a Hezekiah Oyugi project, when a powerful PS interior tried to set up a parallel deep state. This was because Moi greatly trusted him and gave oyugi free hand in managing the interior, then known as Office of the President. Moi maybe was trying to use Oyugi to counter influence of the ageing and dormant jaramogi who nevertheless remained a danger to one party rule of KANU. Oyugi mwishowe alijua hajui, died slowly painfully and dejectedly.

There is something about former DOs and politics, Michuki, Nyachae, Biwott, Lusaka, . . .

Moi respected Jaramogi a lot. He would never send him to prison like Matiba, maybe out of respect for Jomo Kenyatta his former boss.

in the pecking orders of provincial administration, the DO’s were strategically positioned and were influential more than the DC and PC. Hawa ndio watu walikuwa kwa ground, managing the chiefs and government projects.

The best way to protect corruptly acquired wealth is to go to parliament. Add Musila and the late Yusuf Haji

yes, and in addition to gaining grassroots mobilization skills, former provincial administration politicians also seem to still be taking orders from the executive, able to cloak deep state initiatives in a political haze. they may still be a shadow state machinery within politicio. Not just in politics, you will find them in government (useless non-technical posiitons known as secretaries in almost every ministry) academia, judiciary, business etc. They remain the eyes and ears of the state. Now this mongol gachagua may be part of such a deep state network. very deep state.

You are right

@il torobo you know a lot… But not enough, which is why you talk. Don’t tempt fate. Not even here. Not even in this day and age.

How a local thug became a nairobi governor was beyond my thinking capacity but bonobo kwa ofisi haina tofauti na ile ya miti

He used to harass akina Ndingi Mwana’anzeki during them days.

Exactly what i wanted to tell him…


Si D.O alikuwa mkubwa wa Division just beneath the DC.

Some Districts had D.O 1, D.O 2, D.O 3. They were relics of the colonial administration and they were highly corrupt. Under Moi I imagine he needed eyes everywhere.

Those District Officers were corruption itself. Highly corrupt.

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