@spear uko wapi unipatie my daily dose of Jubilee developments

Here it is, let me do it for you.

@ spear,ebu leta ile ya kibra MP putting up a multi storey school huko kibra using cdf funds .

Hiyo ni ODM development

Hawezi leta

You’re lost,lets give credit where it deserves rodent.

Spear brings Jubilee Development not ODM development.

@Okwonkwo , this is part of jubilee development projects being spearheaded by a jubilee stalwart.

Rodent / racoon unasumbua :smiley:

he brings current projects not things that happened 4yrs ago and have since faced destruction and resistance - from you know whom!

Mzee wa 65yrs enda ukachunge wajukuu.

That mud school is not development. That’s not maendeleo.

Hata wewe ni rodent

Hizi vinyangarika vya juzi vinasumbua sana

Name 10 jubilee development projects in western and I will show you twenty in western which were only launched but haven’t kicked of.

Im liking this

The 36 bloggers were not paid last month. This is from reliable sources. Notice how the political intolerance in them village has gone down.

All of us will now just swallow saliva…

Si mlisema hamtambui President Uhuru… Raila ndiye President wenu.

Compare and contrast.
I don’t support jokers and this must be the joke of the century.


Stop generalising,never referred to raila as president omwami for once let’s put politics aside and give positive criticism .