@spear... Patia Hawa Kazi...

These two chaps are the most “shiney eyed dim eyes” I’ve ever seen, wamepigania uthamaki tangu day one. They’ve fought Ojingaism and suffered for it, they’ve been called all kinds of names, their mothers included, wapewe kazi bwana ama vipi @spear??

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in your opinion wakanyama haja suffer? charity begins at home bwanaustadh

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I read all their posts. Gordon Opiyo yuko sawa. He has his own TV station (Health TV). He is a former editor in Nation and has a wide network within government, private sector, local and abroad. I don’t know Ogola so I can’t pretend to but I appreciate his insight.


Ikiwa ni hivyo, the best job should go to Dannish Odongo.



Wapewe kazi pronto!!!

Thirded. Wapewe nyamaaaaaaaa!

They should ask Alai the benefits ya kulinda ùthamaki

Alai aliingia late in the game.

They deserve a pat at the back

Alai crossed the line, posting a picture of the 1st family in hospital handling a private moment is very wrong in many levels. First of all that’s why press aren’t allowed in hospitals. The first family have respectfully maintained their low profile lives dodging publicity despite their favorite son being President. Announcing to everyone without permission about someone’s health condition is wrong. They didn’t even have time to inform each other of the family member health status before it was online. Alai was taught two things. Respect. Your rights ends the moment you infringe on others rights. In this case it was the right to privacy.


But he hasn’t been fired I guess. He is a good loud mouth. He who pays the tune…

i dont care who alai supports. to me he will always be a hot headed bitter idiot just like his fellow blogger nyakundi

He is lucky the people he works for aren’t radical, don’t hold a grudge or overreact. Intact the security chiefs were the ones who were more concerned of the offence since it was a security issue as well as privacy issue. Let Alai learn from it and carry on.

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Nyakundi is on another level mami, though nampenda vile hupea feminazi dawa.

Hatutaki njaruo kwa serikali yetu

Nilikuanimeanza kukupea like kabla nifike kwa Nyakundi

I’ve always thought nyakundi walks among us in ktalk. Wait until we buy him like we bought alai, ndio utajua hujui

Wether he will yell from the bottom of his lungs JP or NASA i will care less for we agree on Feminazi subject…

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Whatever turns you on sweetie

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this kind of talk is what causes other ethnic groups [no matter how rabidly they hate each other] to unite in their hatred against the Kikuyu.

Unaongea hivyo na labda extended family yenu yote hakuna mwenye anaishi “Kikuyu-land”. Wako Mombasa, Eldoret, Kapenguria, Lamu, Narok, Busia ama hata Kisumu kwa hao jaruo.

Tumia akili.

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