Spark Plugs

Where can one buy original OEM spark plugs
Specifically, NGK Iridium ILFR6C11 (see photo below)

I know there are suitable alternatives such as Denso Iridium sk20HR11, but they seem to be causing fuel inefficiency and high engine noise

I will appreciate some direction or insights.
Cc @introvert



Enda toyota kirinyaga road ama any other OEM shop uulizie.

OK…how does a different spark plug cause high engine noise @introvert?

I changed spark plugs on sato, and since then I’m experiencing higher engine hum/noise from around 55km/hr going to 100km/hr when its loudest almost causing a small vibration. The consumption is also much higher than before.

anyway…just import from aliexpress…imported denso iridium for my corolla and over 20k kms and still going strong. Furthermore they are very pocket friendly kshs 1500 no customs

…could it be, one of the ignition coil isn’t well fitted leading to the vibration and lack of power?

It could be. I will have them rechecked.

There is a Bosch shop near car and General workshops along Lusaka rd. At the same road there is also Simco auto parts.

Triniland Auto Spares

Sukuma Wiki Building, Opposite Koinange Total Petrol Station, Race Course Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

They sell at about 3800/ set

Too many fake parts going around. Which make of car is it? Just go to authorised dealers. I get my plugs from dt Dobie or cmc albeit at a high cost.

kama ni ya lexus Toyota kenya shop wanauzanga ile ordinary moja 570 or thereabouts (20,000km). Iridium 2500 moja (100,000km I guess). Toyota uses genuine denso. Lakini ujue denso na NGK ni mingi sana na majority kwa market ni fake. Some modern vehicles use very high voltage ignition so ordinary you got to change with every service. lakini ukienda kwa dealer na chassis/part number utapata specification correct ya spark na mileage inafaa kuenda.

Commercial Motor Spares
CMS Plaza
Bandari / Dunga Road
Industrial Area
Phone: +254 20 552545 / +254 20 552586 / +254 20 552458
Fax: 254-20 535015
Cell: 254-725 552 545 / 254-728 866 688
E-Mail: [email protected]

Tuendelee kuchanuana

Get plugs that have a sharp point. From the picture, plugs zako cannot withstand moto. either juu ni fake or not the best fit for your car. And i bet they cost about 1500. Get the sharp pointed ones going for about 5K. You would regret. Gari itachoma poa and will be fuel efficient.

Just contact whoever is the appointed dealer locally for your model. You’ll wonder why you never did it sooner.

You need only the oem from your vehicle’s dealer. Hizo iridium, sijui plus 4, double platinum achana nazo. Hautapata faida unless unaendesha ka Juha Kankunen.

When choosing spark plugs one has a lot of options. One of the differences is the diameter of the electrode tip - some spark plugs have a large flat tip, and newer models often have a really thin tip. There are many options in between as well, I’ve seen exact recommendations for certain models.

As far as I know the spark usually is emitted from the sharp edges of the tip, as the electrical field is the strongest at those points and discharge happens there. Sometimes grooves are added to the tip to increase the length of these edges. So what is the effect of different diameters, is a thinner tip always better?

Courtesy of Google!!!

I changed from the plugs on the left to the plugs on the right. And i can tell you that the difference is instant. Car has power and is now very fuel efficient! They cost more but in the long run, you save so much more!!