Spare parts

Guys, where in Nbi can one get parts for UK road bikes? Trying to restore a Raleigh.

Bonyeza hizi number 0719645053 Cycloville . Mbogi ya hapo wanaelewa kazi,if they dont have it,watakutafutia na bei nafuu. Same day delivery or pickup.Wako area za sabaki along mombasa road kabla ufike interchange ya kitengela. Wako na spares hadi za chopper na Comerella:D:D:D:D
[SIZE=1]cool kids hawaezi jua hizo ni nini[/SIZE]

Not for the faint-hearted.
Thanks Tom. This is what I need. Plus gear and brake cables, brake pads, tyres and saddle.[ATTACH=full]383081[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]383080[/ATTACH]

I bet they have them. Send them the pics on whatsapp
Is that a kick stand and shifter? Hi uneza peleka indaa kwa singh flani akuundie za stainless,sijui direction but from Mater hosi unaingia right ,that is if mombasa road is a no-go for you considering the hellish trafic jam

The first picture is a brake handle and its screw, the second is a shifter with its assorted fasteners. For a long while the bike was in the hands of someone who thoroughly abused it, so I got it back looking like something from a rubbish dump.

My friend, find a way to clean these parts (tafuta video za cleaning chrome parts pale youtube) alafu uzirudishe kwa bike. Hizi hutapata ata utembee dunia mzima. The rest (gear and brake cables, brake pads, tyres and saddle) you can get but after a lot of struggle and spending some good money. You might also get disappointed at the end of the day. Weka picha ya bike hapa nikwambie kama ni ujinga inakusumbua.

Just keep your good advice

Good luck.

Peleka sand blasting zitarudi form.

Thanks, I’ll do so. Just that I’m missing the same parts for one side. If they were all there I’d not have to replace them.

Just Confirming something…kuna jina unda kwa lugha ya kiswahili sanifu?
(au kuunda ni kwa udongo tu exclusively)

[SIZE=1]Ni tengeneza au unda ikija kuashiria mambo mengine?[/SIZE]

I think ni hivi:
Unda ni kuumba kitu kipya(Eng: make, create, mold, manufacture)
While kutengeneza ni kufanya kibaya/kibovu kiwe kizuri (Eng: repair, refurbish, restore, mend)

Asante kakangu.

Raleigh Chopper?

Watakutafutia despite the brand stopping in the eighties then a brief comeback pale UK in '04,

Kiswahili kitukuzwe

Hapo itabidi uingie Instagram page yao and have a look. Very deep catalogue.
Shimano/Raleigh parts. Make sure umeangalia their Highlights pia hapo juu ya page.


Kwani bro machinists hawaezi kuchonga hizo vitu to a near perfection, that is if you cant find them genuine spares.

Asante boss. I guess they can. I know Nairobi Mechanical Engineers are good with such jobs. I got some neat fabrication jobs done on other items by them some time back. I don’t know if they’re still there. Ni vile tu sijapata time ya kuzitafuta seriously. Najua nitazipata when I set my mind to it, now that I have a number of tips.