Spam From Facebook Fuckdolls

At least once a week, I get these friend requests from bleached young airheads that have nothing sensible to say, list modelling as their profession, and have many photos invariably featuring a bed, butt and thighs.


@Female Perspective, please teach these gyals how to market cat.

When you are marketing milk on your wall, they don’t have to market cat. So they say cat is here, where is the milk?


You are stupid if you think that is a female, what you really have there is a male with a veiny tool that is twice the size of yours trying to solicit money from you.

angusha hekaya budah

That’s not a legitimate female. Ni ndume who will send a million friend request to thirsty males and accept requests. He will post sexy female pics with sex quotes and once afike 5k friends the account wipl be turned to a Facebook Fanpage. Next he will remove all the images and sell the page to some company or individual or use it to promote a product.

Been there, done it and still know guys who do such. Hivi ndivyo tuliunda pesa tukiwa campo

Walikutoanisa mangapi kabla ujanjaruke?

How much does it pay, na hio process huchukua how long to build to 5000 friends / fans?

be patient for like a month, Wanaume wako na njaa huku nje, you will be surprised.

payment depends on the agreement mko nayo lakini not below Ksh 1 per follower

Buda nimeona ukisema you have your daily dose of porn, wachana na io kitu pris

Si mbaya

It’s actually stupid of u is imagine such a creature could be interested in such a homonculus as u

Unasema? ???

Bros …
Whatever You do …

That’s what these so-called “Slay Queens” are after …



the interwebz ruined everything!

why cant you enjoy what you’ve been sent without sharing with the whole world?

siwezi mind hawa

hao hua wanaume…i get them all the time

Damn!! 5k after all that effort?


Not even worth it. 1 bob surely? :D:D