Space Elavator

[SIZE=6]Japanese construction giant Obayashi announces plans to have a space elevator up and running by 2050[/SIZE][B]PHOTO:[/B] The space elevator will transport people and cargo at a fraction of the cost of Earth-based rockets.(Obayashi Corporation)
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[B]MAP: [/B]Japan[B]VIDEO:[/B] Watch computer simulations of the space elevator in action (7pm TV News NSW)

A major international study in 2012 concluded the space elevator was feasible but best achieved with international co-operation and Mr Ishikawa from Obayashi agreed.

“I don’t think one company can make it, we’ll need an international organisation to make this big project,” he said.

Experts said the space elevator could signal the end of Earth-based rockets which are hugely expensive and dangerous.

Using a space shuttle costs about $22,000 per kilogram to take cargo into space. For the space elevator, the estimate is about $200.

Constructing the space elevator would allow small rockets to be housed and launched from stations in space without the need for massive amounts of fuel required to break the Earth’s gravitational pull.

It is also hoped the space elevator could help in solving the world’s power problems, by delivering huge amounts of cheap solar power or storing nuclear waste.

It would also be a boon for space tourism.

Obayashi is working on cars that will carry 30 people up the elevator, so it may not be too long before the Moon is the next must-see tourist destination.[B]PHOTO:[/B] Obayashi says it may not be too long before the moon is the next must-see tourist destination. (Obayashi Corporation)


Innovation is important and useful but must also be realistic and applicable. Not to burst their bubble but I think this is too ambitious and not feasible. How will they pivot or anchor this elevator?? which materials will they use that have the structural strength to brace the strong winds up there… there are too many unknowns

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Ships are made of steel and float. Don’t underestimate human ingenuity.


and thats how history is made. Magellan set out on a trip around the world on a rickety wooden tub at a time when 98% of guys thought the world was flat, they expected him to fall off at the horizon which didnt happen, you have valid questions but with the technological strides being made day by day i believe this is very possible.
Just hope i will be alive to ride the first elavator.



Come on guys let them first build a bridge across one of the oceans lets say between Asia (china) and Australia where there is massive transportation of people and goods such as iron ore, manufactured goods before going up into limitless space

Hii mambo ya kuenda space ni upuzi sana, sasa watu wanaenda space kufanya nini, you can barely survive there and it’s damn expensive, a case of misplaced priorities, why can’t we channel those resources to curing of cancer, eradication of diseases, cleaning our planet from pollution and other endeavors that can better our stay on earth.

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it reminded me of this:


God give us longevity to see if some of these fantasies come to fruition


Amen Amen


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In capitalist system, profits are made by giving people what they want not what they need. This is an investment pure and simple.