Southampton vs Liverpool

Currently The Saints have taken an early lead

A lose for Liverpool is a win for Man United.

Saints are defending pretty well. I wonder where was this defence when they were playing the Manchester clubs.

Soton wanakamua njegeee.


They learnt from the mistake. The guys defended for over 90 minutes (including 7 minutes added 1st half and 3 minutes added 2nd half) :D:D:D

Which mistake? I think that the lose was inevitable. Five draws, I think that what was following was a defeat.

ghassia ya liverfool tafuta mwenzako @Condor mulie na hizo mdomo zenyu refu

Ua hio @kondoo , i want pep to take the league this season ata kama walitunyorosha. Liverfools watatukojoloea sana

The next time liverpool will win anything meaningful will be in 2050

afadhali city ichukue Liverfool na manchieth zililie namba 3 , city vile wanarudi form na Aguero is back wakishinda the two games in hand wanaruka mpaka 35 points , one point from Man united wakishinda burnley

Hi ligue any team inawes ku humble anyone

Arsenal are as bad or worse?

this season is being compared to the season Leicester won the league.
all the major teams were not wining enough games and Leicseter took advantage and stringed a couple of wins and they won.

so, the team that strings a decent amount of wins, will surely win the title. People are discounting Man City and they might win the league.

mtoto lizaliwa last tima the Gooners won the league ako class 8 .Hao hakuna hope

Class 8 or already cleared high school last year?

Ukiangalia ball hapo kenol town, @kanguthu your wife ako busy kwa nyumba akidinywa na mwanaume mwingine out of loneliness. Get your priorities right sir.

Kaoshe matako kuma Mzee ina nuka.