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Another one from Nyakundi. Na kahtony usinisumbue ati I don’t know how to post links weka yako kama unaweka.
Amedo Shair

South Sudanese are dying from hunger and yet some are smuggling money. What a country on earth!#SouthSudanUntouchables
11:49 PM - 18 Jun 2018
By: Amedo Shair @AmedoShair
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Former Chief of Staff of the SPLA Paul Malong, for example, who made roughly $45,000 per year through his government salary, maintains a $2 million mansion in a gated community in Nairobi. Did #Kenya investigate on his source of wealth?#SouthSudanUntouchables
10:56 PM - 18 Jun 2018 from Nairobi, Kenya
By: Kenya West© @KinyanBoy Shair

Jun 18
A building belonging to South Sudan defense minister. It is situated in Kampala, Uganda instead at his country. This is how the South Sudanese public money has been looted by the regime in

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Meet the arrogant ‘rich man’ Lawrence Lual Malong Yor,the step son of Paul Malong,
12:54 AM - 19 Jun 2018
Robert Syundu

#SouthSudanUntouchables This building is owned by a South Sudan money launderer
1:26 AM - 19 Jun 2018

Jun 19
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Ilijengwa in less than 2 months
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PL0 Lumumba

Paul Malong and Salva Kiir must be stopped. They loot from their country to come and invest in Kenya. Cytonn & Hass Consult are where money are being drumpianly laundered#SouthSudanUntouchables
12:26 AM - 19 Jun 2018

But of course hii yote ni makelele tu. Machar and Kiir met for version of the handshake and the looting will now be on a monumental scale.



Meet the arrogant ‘rich man’ Lawrence Lual Malong Yor,the step son of Paul Malong,#SouthSudanUntouchables

10:54 AM · Jun 19, 2018



Hii itaporomoka.

how is that even possible. 2 months?

@Randy hii si ni exageration ya Wakenya tu?

But 2 months yenyewe huyo mutunga anatubeba ki @Mosa deh, hata choo ya ocha huchukua more than two weeks

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Maybe it’s an inflatable house. :D:D
But you elewa Kenyans…we love exaggerating stuff

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haikosi huyu anajua vera sidika inside out… literally. Huyu lazima. Anyway. Tuseme aje. Si ni kunyamaza tu mtu ajionee game ya Uruguay kama amejinyamazia tu, while silently cursing that black bastard. Na hizo suti zake ni very expensive but he makes them look cheap.


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Hehehehe…izo ni side effects za flakka.
The approximate construction period for such a building is 2 yrs.

Wacha maswali mengi.
Wametumia ile technology ya kujenga stool.

Jibaba lina lijisura kama orangutan imeramba shubiri, lakini bitches watasema he’s the most handsome guy to walk upon the face of the Earth.