South sudan politics

I think Riak Machar is misusing our hospitality by issuing ultimatum to Salva Kiir while in Nairobi. This is not good for us, the govt should sent him back. If they want to continue fighting let them do it while within their country.

That fucker is just power-hungry. There are better ways to negotiate for power than using war.

feel so sad for them although they were mistreating those who went there to eke a living after they attained independence

machar want it to appear as if he has international support, kiir lacks leadership skills. it is a mess

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yes they are ungrateful and selfish

I hope the same thing does not happen to kenyans eking out a living in somaliland

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The situation in SS is quite tricky and i wouldn’t blame Riek at all.Comrade Kiir lacks leadership skills and Riek has been running the shows since independence while Kiir is just an army commander who has no clue on how to move the country forward.But all in all,these 2 guys should be removed and have a neutral person to unify the already polarized nation.

Throw all of them and their families out of the country, sometimes our hospitality and meek leadership is also to blame. Can you believe for a moment those guys and their families can be hosted by Kampala and continue with that nonsense while there?

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We are in bed with them when we do business with them so dont expect that they will go anywhere