South Africa's biggest artist apewa kichapo cha mbwa


Hivi ndio @Baby Panay alikua anasema. Then kesho anaanika nguo akismile

Kumbe big nuz ndiye hukula hizo vitu… Huyo dem Ali expose swollen puthy kwa ile vid yake ya kwanza. Seems Bebe’s set the guy up to expose him…inakaa hizo beatings zimekuwa a daily thing.

babes wodumo is my favourite SA Gqom female artist akifuatwa na distruction boyz. kumbe hii jamaa naumiza mtoto mzuri ivi.

never even knew mamphintsha was her boyfriend
the relationship i know they have is that he is her manager and fellow musician and they have worked together in songs like

shut up and groove ft distruction boyz

This fat dude has been abusing this girl for years now…She had walked out last year then somehow went back.

How can she be your favourite yet you don’t know her close relationship with the fat dude. She was being abused even last year. Their relationship has been on for a while now…they were actually engaged at some point.
But when it comes to Gqom nobody can beat destruction boyz:D…and remember they are not under any record label…yet they are excelling

Tell me about it my brother…Gqom in SA is life…
*Distruction boyz
*Babes wodumo
*DJ tira
*DJ Maphorisa
*Prince Bulo
*dla dla mshunqisi
*zanda zakuza

the list is endless…Gqom is future men

mtoto anapewa miti vizuri

mbona tumwonee huruma?

I don’t pity such bitchez. She deserves it. Kama anapigwa kama punching bag daily and she still hasn’t walked out of that marriage, she is her own enemy. Hawezi saidika.

Is Moonchild the one with the kid voice? Huyo anafaa kuexpelliwa from the continent.

Men who beat are usually also the most romantic in the beginning. Wanaingiza dame box na mistari za Wasafi Records alafu with time dame anachoshwa na tabia za ubeta male anaanza masculine behaviors. That’s where the beatings start juu these romantic beta males don’t just accept women’s flip flopping nature. Ubaya sasa hizo beatings zinashukisha self esteem ya dame mpaka below sea level. She can’t believe that a man could treat her like that. Now she becomes addicted to trying to gain the man’s validation (or resources) back, and the cycle of violence begins.

I dont think so. She is a grown up. Last year she performed stark naked on her birthday. She is famous for the song ‘iwalk ye phara’ ft dj maphorisa, dj raybel and KO.

but I wonder why she cant walk away from that relationship. i mean she is famous, she has the money, she is young (bitch is 24 years old), she has the looks. I mean she can dump that fat ass and get herself a young man with the stamina of a raging bull.

you know what they say about women and their abusive spouses/boyfriends ?

Kumbe ni huyu , na vile i thought she was a rowdy bad girl , carefree & not to mess with , as seen in her song …

Looks like some very intense foreplay to me.

yeap ni huyo

This one can’t be helped she look like she is the type of person who will side with the abuser if someone tries to help her.

i do not condone beating of women,but ukishapigwa alafu urudishe coomer the same place eti ju ni mapenzi,one deserves to have their arse beat