South Africa High Court VS Al Basheer....who will be the first to blink


this will not end well for SA…damned if they do…Damned if they don’t…follow the court order

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Zuma doesn’t give a fuck, he will let Bashir leave then take a cold shower


I wonder if the SA courts would have done the same for George Bush or Tony Blair for war crimes even though Hawako kwa ICC list

SA is a mzungu country. The only thing African about the place is the high rates of HIV and crime but technically, whites run that place.


all those hoping bashir will be arrested are wasting their time, ati SA is mzungu country, what the fuck does that mean? whites only run businesses and western cape

The judge who issued that order is as pink as they come…well for the next 3 hours until an appeal is launched there is nowhere he is going…let’s wait and see if Sudan will launch an attack on SA…arresting the president of a sovereign nation is an act of war…

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Maybe by the time arudi anaweza pata kuna another military officer ameshakalia hio kiti…si Ange tuma tu Ruto wake aende huko…The Western powers must be working overtime to get him overthrown…but on the flip side aki rudi…he will be a HERO a thousand times over…70 virgins nini nini

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its a tough call, SA is run by the white man, he is likely to be arrested.

Hata Kenya alikuja na kurudi during Promulgation of the constitution

Let’s wait and see

But he came secretly it was unannounced…and he also left in a hurry even before the ceremony was over

There is always a greater power behind the throne (read presidency) led by the business community

Lakini what courts are this that a citizen can get audience on a Sunday…sisi spa hata ku pata a hearing on a weekday no shida

The guy will be out of the country and on his way back to the Sudan before authorities there come up with a strategy to stop him leaving. That Bashir is a wily old fox.
He must have had some form of guarantee beforehand that nothing will happen to him.

Most likely…but lakini the conference is just starting today…and he had vowed to stay mpaka iishe

They should arrest bashir at their own risk

This will be interesting.

nobody is going to attack SA. but tha nigga bashir massacred black people. he may be let to go because of possible diplomatic row or chaos in sudan.


Seems like the South Africans are serious on this one.