South Africa gospell


My favorite.


ghost spell indeed

Man she can sing brother . I’ll post here my favorite .

all south african music is gold,from gospel jazz,kwaito name it,i was once tempted to believe that there is actually a god by the way they worship and dance hizi za kenya baba nipe nyonyo zinaongeza population ya atheist tu

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Akina Rebecca , solly moholo, Brenda Fassi, Mahotella queens , my favorite Vuyo Mokoena, not forgetting Sipho Makhabane, mafikizolo, avante, Maria le maria, sechaba, Malaika .it’s a bunch. Weka music yao na utamaliza mimi.

why have u forgotten ringo, zahara :frowning: , fassie was my fav the energy she had i wish we get someone as talented as her

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The day she rested in peace I was really troubled . Also one of mafikizolo crew died, it bothered me .Yes Zahara came to Kenya 2 yrs ago.The song lilowe is one of the best !!!

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