Sound system

I need a good sound system which can connect to my T.V, play flash discs, has Bluetooth and other nice features. Am willing to spend about ksh16000. Any suggestions?

the least you can do is Double that ammount

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What @Fala 12says, then get yourself a Sony mini component hifi, or Samsung, LG…

Mi natumianga tu zile sony3changer za kitambo after being disappointed by stupid Home theaters alafu nikatafta zile Pioneer zinakuanga kwa ma3…

A/V Receiver, anyone?

Hiyo pesa yake haiwezi boss. Maybe sayona

sony dvd hifi system.4,200 rms .the deep base and clarity combi you cant get on home theaters costing less than 65,000

@Luther12 was seriasly considering the AV receiver once, only to realise they dont provide power to the subwoofer (all are pre outs). Thus one has to invest in a powered subwoofer at an extra +10k.:mad::mad:
Nkaamua sony dz650 will doo just fine…for starters. I must say sjakuwa dissapointed.:slight_smile:

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@junkie…the issue with hifi systems is they lag behind in connectivity features. Ull be lucky just to find one with a usb port, leave alone hdmi,digital audio,bluetooth or even wifi connectivity. Plus, to get one with 5.1 Configurtion, the price range wud be in the order of 40k +.( a price i wudnt pay considering the lack of connectivity…and knowing at that price range is wea AV receivers come in)

@mtadao wud advice u to get a sony dz 350 at ua price range in luthuli …or upgrade to the dz 650 for 25k…


:D:D:Dhapana sio that kind of connection apparently hizo 3changers were equipped with very strong power supply en very powerful equalizer…I only use comp inapeleka sound kwa changer pia frm TV to changer (for amplification) then to pioneer woffer…alafu midrange natumia za home theater…my frnd hio changer ikifika vol ya 20 jirani anaazanga kuteta.Ni vyenye siko kwa keja I could have attached a photographic evidence

Get a sound bar boss its the in thing now but not at that amount.

@Oldmonk uko tulitoka…mambo ya kuhave inverters,transformers,capacitors na ma live wires kriscrossing ua living room haileti shangwe…plus ull end up spending the same amount as one buying a complete system…plus advantages kama remote hehe;)

@snapdragon ua setup is ok…bt pricewise…hifi 10k minimum, subwoofer 8k min(plus cabinet), surround speakers min 6k(assuming atanunua za 2.1 Setup)…io pesa ni mingi boss…leave alone fact that hapati hdmi,bluetooth etc

Thanks all for the discussion, I have checked a Samsung 5.1 Home Entertainment System costing about 24k. I think nitanjikaza and buy it

am plannig to upgrade very soon,what do you recomend btw 40-50k

@junkie for ua price range i wud go for nothing less than an AV receiver. Since already uko na speakers za mid range‚Ķi wud buy an onkyo or yamaha (5.1 setup) at 40-45 k‚Ķthen get a powered sub for 10 k ivi‚Ķu can check out the AVs at ‚Äėelectrohub kenya‚Äô‚Ķ but the sub itabidi u import‚Ķ

The AVRs I have come across have the option of using either passive or active sub-woofers. The choice will be yours.

Mi niko poa na 1.1 yangu

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