Sorry guys tiktok stole me

I was a loyal member here, don’t know if u miss me, but after been introduced kwa tiktok ave been addicted there n tayari nimegain over 11k followers… Huko nilijoin na original content ya kutafuta wachawi najiita. (mwalimumacharia) I concentrate on ghost hunting hahahaha but lazma I concentrate on this platform too

Sample video

Ok, noted with thanks.


TikTok is a very addictive app.

Unalipwa ama ni kutumiwa vibaya kama tissue?

And also quite a time waster too.

Akanyal click. Upload video buana!

That’s so low effort, bana. Na ati uko na 2.5k likes. Tik-tok siingii.

Uko hadi na Snap Chat nugu hii? Me niko na FB, Ktalk n Reddit and am all set. The rest ni mharo

Tik tok is a real time eater.
I also watch the videos there sometimes but I always have a kind of shame for wasting my time. I mean that it is next to impossible to learn there something new and useful for such a short period of time which the videos take. It is an utterly entertaining thing but too time-consuming. That is why I prefer to watch the videos on youtube because of the fact that the recommendation system may offer me some really interesting videos and I wouldn’t feel so ashamed of wasting my time doing absolutely nothing.