Sore Throat

Wadau, leo nimeamuka na sore Throat ngori saiidi, voice is all messed up, leteni remedies

Before we talk of the remedy, you need to stop sucking pussies.

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celestamine moja

A sore throat is always a symptom that your body is fighting off an infection.
Sti’s top the list even the silent ones and early onset of HIV.
What have you been engaged in of late?

Hii muaka mzima sijakamuana buana

Ok, also colds and flu’s.
Do you have either?

Might be those, cause I am exceptionally cold today

dude you are missing a lot in life then…but anyway that being said,sorethroats mostly are of viral or histamine origin…so no need for any anti-biotics…just do a good antihistamine like AERIUS,then suckle on some lozenges zinaitwa medi-keel every 2 hours for today only…then ukunywe maji moto frequently…

My thoughts too, but remedy kula lozanges they will clear asap…

Nigas be dropping treatment regiments its normal to treat a sore throat on a Tuesday morning.
Are you all an doctors or are you prescribing from experience. Or has Dr. Ngungu come to the rescues(this one no)
Methinks experience…sucking stuff.


:)dated a nurse once…so i know a thing or two about sore throats…i think

Boss! Mwaka mzima. How now?
You have bigger issues to address first.
Wachana na throat, itapona tu

herpes:D:D:D Or definitely AIDS… LUWERE

Have had the type A flu over the last one week. Am telling you this this is terrible, it’s creating havoc where I am. Over the last one month in excess of 130 dead

Asanteni Sana kwa wenye mlitoa helpful comments, I will go get lozenges kesho and also get checked. Ndio nimeamuka saa hizi. kichwa ilikua inauma kaa chiet plus kuskia ku vomit. That always happens when I have malaria, typhoid or a very bad flu, immune system yangu inakuanga chiet tangu niwe mdogo, feeling much better now after resting.

A sore throat caused by a viral infection usually lasts five to seven days and doesn’t require medical treatment. To ease pain and fever, many people turn to acetaminophen (Tylenol, others) or other mild pain relievers. Regardless of the cause of your sore throat, these at-home care strategies can help you ease your or your child’s symptoms. Rest. Get plenty of sleep. Rest your voice, too.Drink fluids. Fluids keep the throat moist and prevent dehydration. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can dehydrate you.
Try comforting foods and beverage. Warm liquids — broth, caffeine-free tea or warm water with honey — and cold treats such as ice pops can soothe a sore throat. Gargle with saltwater.

A sore throat occurs as part of your body’s immune response to viral or bacterial infections.Your natural immune response leads to inflammation and swelling of the mucous membranes in the throat.Fortunately, there are several natural remedies that may provide relief like Marshmallow root.