Sophia Urista

Yaani this upcoming decided to urinate on a fan kwa stage? My respect for her went kaput henceforth…

Woke BLMer.

Weird excitement resulting from hard drugs.


Jealous of the fan?

She seems well hydrated.

She is a lesbian judging from her
“Girl on girl” song. No respect for men whatsoever.

With a hardcore face like this ,what du yu expekti?:smiley:

Huyu ni nani sasa?

Is she white, black or afro-latino? If she black then she’s a disgrace to our race.

She has a living arrangement with a lesbian girlfriend in Brooklyn;

Does Sophia Urista have a boyfriend? The singer does not have a boyfriend, she is actually in a live-in relationship with her girlfriend Jess King, a fitness instructor at Peloton since February 2015.
[li]Sophia Urista’s solo songs are “Girl on Girl”, “Smooth Pretender”, “Everything About You”, etc.[/li][/ol]

Sophia Urista is an American songwriter and singer. Formerly, she was a contestant at the famous TV show “The Voice” US in season 11 in 2016. She competed in all the rounds until she got eliminated. She was selected by the show judge and leader Miley Cirus.


[SIZE=1]Kinda yes… when young I always wanted a woman to spray her cum(squirt) on my belly. They always ended up spraying on my pubic region.Timing ndio ilinishinda. Before I aim target (belly)…wamemaliza ku-spray. I told them many times to alert me when they are about to, but they are usually breathless at that point and forget. :D:D:D:D[/SIZE]