Sophia Joy and Somo bar (Brothels)

Dear Talkers
The above mentioned brothels are totally way below standards for sharp, educated people in this forum…

Yaani lanyes huko wamebeat ile mbaya plus the places are just so pathetic

I pitiad those places over the weekend but to my astonishment ilikuwa upuzi tu…

goodday clever sharp guys

Noooooo, not this shit again

Ilikuwa mara ya kwanza kwenda huko?
Ulikunywa nini? Mlikuwa na nani? Ilikuwa siku gani na saa ngapi? Ulikuwa na pesa ngapi?

Kindly , do us a favour and delete this post this inform has no value …

this is only for clever sharp guys are you one?


are you a clever guy or not?

buda am a veteran in these manenos ya brothels… i know u are a sharp clever guy

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if this shit up here is clever then am a skinny white lady named dorothy…[ATTACH=full]211155[/ATTACH]

True, waay below any standard. Poleni wakubwa

:D:D:D:D:D… clever? This boderline retarded .

Why do you perverts visit brothels daily?

Guys who say ‘pitiad’ should be castrated and their manhood eaten by pigs.

You think u ve seen worse??pitia Ricco pub utapike…dude kama uko na bibi utarudi kwa bibi useme afadhali tu bibi…kwanza wa SJ wanafadhali kidogo…

Yap. Am clever and sharp AF! I only went to SJ twice and i din’t like it. I would rather rave in mama pima dens in Daggoreti Corner.

Enda leta effidense ama peleka hii theory kwa hekaya sekshen.

You guy where is the effidence buana no storo ni this bitch is kubaliwad bila effidence

ha ha that place called sophia joy is shit i agree. I passed by there, below class, the first sign of shit is when i saw the guys at the door
with a paperbag full of Miraa, then ukiingia ndani inakaa den ya Keg, dimly lit with suspicious looking guys who look at you like they were trading
bhang rolls before you walked in…

I did not even sit down…

i’d rather castrated other than feasting on lanyes wenye wamebeat

In a room full of failures I feel out of place-Rick Ross

The cheapest I’ve ever stooped to is Care guest and they have hot shower and clean towels.Otherwise,nachezea Amboseli lane kwenda juu