Sony HTM7 Muteki 7.2 Home Theater System...

I’ll just leave this here for all the audiophiles in the village.


But the true audiophile will appreciate the Onkyo separate component system hooked up to some Klipsch speakers and a Sunfire subwoofer.


Klipsch speakers


Sunfire Subwoofer


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Iko kitu inaitwa harman kardon


Onkyo it is, for me.

Mimi Niko na Ampex. an upgrade ya ile ya 150/-

Karman Hardon :smiley:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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i have a harman Kardon… oh n i also have a headache

daktari. kuna link ya website huuza electronics ulikuwa umepost klost

Websites ni mob, both locally and out there.

Locally, kuna

Majuu, kuna amongst many others.

Its all good when you are buying, but it hits you u made a blunder when you cant even “enjoy” more than 30% of volume coz its rattling the neighbor’s glasses in the kitchen.


thanks hio nilitaka ni nitaangalia angalia a.v system huko

I have never understood Kenyans’ obsession with very loud music. Unapat jamaa anakaa 10 by 8 but kelele nyingi na nyumba ni ya mabati. No, offense to the audiophiles though.


Hizo AV Receivers ziko hapo wachana nazo. You’re better off checking them out on or other U.K/European website.

Reason? Americans use 110/120v mains electricity and accessories4less is as American as they come. Keep off American powered subwoofers for the same reason, unless you don’t mind buying a 110-120v/220-240v converter. You can however get nice speakers there. Shop widely though.

Its really nice wen you have your own place…with neigbours a bit far

Yeah…coz then you can rattle and break your own glass…I get it.

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nauliza aje. ili mtu apewe degree ya med lazima afanye degree zingine kama tatu? thanks lakini. wewe ako informed

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I think Luther is just clever ama anapenda technology…zamani i thought he was in his 40’s cos he had so much knowledge

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Eti 40? :smiley: :smiley:

I just have a passion for technology, especially electronic stuff. Plus I’m naturally very curious about how things work, be they engines, radios, comps, etc. Nikitoka kwa gate ya hospitali sitaki kufikiria mambo ya magonjwa tena until the next working day.

@Fala 12, next time you’re around twangia mimi inbox.

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Niko na huku kwa kina Pamba na Mundu Mulosi nyumbani but nakuja home early next month nitatafuta wewe