Sonkoste Alichew 20 Mirrions za Garbage

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission detectives claim that some of the firms that won the Sh. 357 million Garbage tender wired more than Sh. 20 million to Sonko’s bank accounts.

However, the money was not paid directly but through proxies and sister companies in what sleuths believe was a calculated move meant to avoid raising suspicions.

On Tuesday Sonko was taken through a marathon eight-hour grilling at Integrity Centre, where he recorded 13 different statements. He denied receiving any money and all other allegations, insisting that he was not involved in the procurement process.

:D:D Be careful. Ama uangushwe na lorry.

iko kwa mandazi ya leo

Ama ujikute umebebe ngùnia moja ya bangi kwa msedes…

Bonobo wewe wapi effdense? Hizo ni muchene za twitta unaletea distinguished elder villagers

Kidero ate garbage too

20 m is peanuts to sonkoree!! leta news ngine

Garbage tenders: EACC traces Sh20m to Sonko account



Whether Sonko eats is not debatable; we would be very worried if he did not. But to his credit, he makes use of common sense, like realizing that bad roads need fixing.

Sonko 2022…

mr 12 has been caught… 13 different statements?? stinks to the heavens. and anyone saying 20m is peanuts to mbuvi, remember, it is still money. he will take it. 20m here, 10m there… haba na haba…