Mukamba no muukamba

hehe iyo kiswahili ya mchina ni funny

“Wewe unakula mbwa” SMH

Mchinku ameoa kukuyu…Makosa !!!

Huyu ni mkenya original sana. Ata hiyo accent ni kienyeji ya hapa.


PLEASE NOO:eek::eek:

Drug baron gavana??? Not that the current is good, but that one ni too much. lakini given most kenyans think he is they guy to elect, he might as well as become the governor.

i am with you but he will be voted in. The dude is like a religion to the poor pple of nairobi. He is their messiah, asin we need a technocrat as a governor and a sonko to keep him in check.

Sonko knows who matters here. He knows nairobi is full of illiterate walala hoi. Why bother with the demanding educated working class. to him, the educated can suck his middle finger.

Kwanza hes using the sonko rescue team as a project to garner votes for 2017…

Just seen a post from the governors office instructing the inspectorate department to impound all unregistered ambulances and fire engines especially za sonko. Dude will be elected by more voted than the president will garner on the same day. i am not kidding if the dude becomes governor and he prospers he will be elected president. watch his space.

Let sonko be.

Sonko is smart and his actions appeal to the majority.

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especially considering that quite a number of middle class maafakaz dont bother voting but will bitch and whine all over social media

could be worse, sonko could be governor, mbugua (the thug) deputy governor and waititu senator

mbona watu wanasemA he is runing a parallel government?!? o.O