ameamua hataki upus tena,

Baada ya kungolewa

Ashajionea vile alitafutwa last time hadi akashikiwa Taita Taveta while escaping to Kilifi. Na alishikwa na police force ya Kenya mzima. Labda amesahau.

I love it when they fight

Its confirmed today that President Uhuru hasn’t followed NIS advise for a while. Shame, no wonder the many mistakes. He has literary destroyed his own network.

Haiya, ati atia

Uhuru has sunk so soo sooo low but what can we expect if Atwoli is one of his advisers? how can a PORK say that some of the elected gov officials are in office because of him? what were we supposed to think? he actually lied that Sonko was elected ‘because of him’. Who does not know that Uhuru and Murathe were campaigning for PK?

Sonko rode on the prevailing Jubilee wave.

Jubilee wave at that time was Uhuru Kenyatta.

Sonko was carried by Uhuru Kenyatta

Sonko is just a monkey that has been disowned by its troop, should look for another monkey gang ajinyenyekee akumbaliwe kwa gang and continue yapping as he does best.

Shienz yeye

Let a man mourn losing his job and all the goodies that accompany it without dragging a whole city in his tantrums

Sonko ni chokoraa

it’s Uhuru who made Sonko clinch Senatorial and governor seats, “numbers” not withstanding.

Mdomo baggy wacha upuzi kwani you are privy to NIS reports?

I don’t know much about the senatorial one but he certainly did not ‘help’ him win the governor’s seat. Besides hii kuropoka anaropoka siku hizi out of frustration as things are not going to plan is not doing him any favours. Actually it is quite safe to say he is losing it. Dude can you not see that Uhuru has fully morphed into a dictator with Murathe’s help?
Ni hayo tuu kwa sasa.

As a Nairobian I did not vote for Sonko because of Uhuru. Infact Uhuru scored less than Sonko in votes. Sonko is a chokoraa but he is our street kid. They are usurping Nairobians right to have a governor of their choice by those shenanigans at City Hall to impose a puppet governor. We oppose this and we will fight it.

Spare us the bullshít coz ulikuwa hapa ukisumbua na threads za so-called developments used as conduits for theft. now acting as though u’ve seen the light in Ruto.

Sonko ni bure kabisa

umbwa ghassia takataka chokoraa kaa kwa mapipa ulitupwa bila kusumbua


He is paid to yap. That’s the only way he knows to earn a living.