Sonko Politics

Hehehehehe ,
Sonko as “Deep State” … :laughing: :grin:

Don’t care what he sayin’ my concern is how this nigga loaded with serious bags but can’t get a proper watch. I know big guns like Audemar piguet, RM, vacherin Constantines, patek may be expensive for him, but Someone of his ability should be wearing mid ranges; somn’ like Tag Heuer, Rolex perpetual, date just, catier tank, you know!! things that shout class but still low key. Si izo mechanicals coated with gold that are actually big than his wrist.

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He reminds me of US Rap and Music Stars …
Lots of money but NIL taste …
Expensive but Platinum Grills , Chains and Wonky Whips …

Money can buy almost anything …
Except LOVE , CLASS and REPUTATION … :grin: :laughing:


You must be clueless about sonko. New money doesn’t always equal class.

Sonko been selling bricks since 80s/90s. At one time he even said that he was paying fees for his siblings while he was still in form 4. All those years of selling narcotics na Bado you can’t afford class!? C’on bro. There’s lot of niggas that got money the other day but don’t dress like a clown. That’s the dumbest excuse

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He would have still looked okay without the big watch and bracelet and rings.

They all scream ushamba