Sonko nominates Ann Kananu Mwenda as the Deputy Governor

I thought it is the student leader but she is the Chief Executives in charge of Disaster Management at the County. I am sure she will be Sonko’s puppet as he goes on with his corruption case away from office. Well played Sonko

Na vile konyagi wants to disband Nairobi county govt

Taking over Nairobi from Sonko was always a bigger challenge than Kiambu. OP has their puppet in Kiambu but its not giving any joy to the residents all the same. YT2 will probably be the first governor to be jailed all the same. Sonko case is also dicey once the case starts and evidence is provided then it will be clear which way it will go. However Sonko situation has always been different. In 2017 it was clear that he was the only one who could beat kidero. Simply because Eastland’s would vote for him, both sides of Jubilee and opposition will vote for him. He also played his card well. He started visiting RAT and watermelon to show he can decamp anytime. That preoccupied Jubilee. OP team had their puppet peter Kenneth as a candidate after damping Dennis waweru as unsellable. However pk had zero grassroots support with only that Muranga tag as a positive attribute. So President Uhuru had one choice, risk loosing Sonko and lose Nairobi governor and complicate his own campaign in Nairobi which needed a complete united front to counter opposition. The other choice is to support Sonko and clean up the regulatory resistances he faces. That’s how CID was called to issue certificate of good conduct to Sonko to present to IEBC. They checked severally to see if it was real before clearing him. So nobody can claim shock of Sonko past now but covered it then. They even got him a puppet DG as plan B. Once he was elected they started the campaign to remove him for his DG to take over. That’s how Sonko become headline news in all githeri media and social media for a year thanks to the usual brown envelopes. The problem began immediately from the start. The Nairobi regeneration projects budget was big. Treasury funding 10 billion and private sector was to invest 30-60 billion after they get contracts at a 10% fee. Sonko and balala are co chairmen of the committee and they were to report to President Uhuru monthly on the progress. Problem was what they passed at the committee was not wholly supported by OP who wanted to approve them as well. That’s how contracts for Dandora dump site, commuter train and BRT caused friction. They all started as joint projects, disagreements cropped in and National government took them over fully after they couldn’t agree. Each had their own preferred companies to work with. Those tender wars become personal, frictions, threats and soon even security apparatuses got drawn in to trail Sonko’s every move. Its not a surprise they got him red handed. However its now 2020 and the reality is that political moves are at an advance stage and Sonko know that’s their weakness. To sell any political move like BBI, extension of power beyond constitution needs ground work like he did on their behalf recently on project “wanjiku” and those fat cats in boardroom don’t even know how to do that. Today Sonko has appointed his DG to add another move in the battle of supremacy at city hall. OP quest to make elachi as their puppet governor becomes harder as county assembly which already threw her out has another candidate to consider. Even if elachi is appointed governor, its temporary for 90 days before we go to the ballot to pick another governor. Its complicated just the way I like it.

If elections are to be held in nrb jubilee will loose very badly.if they want to maintain their grip on the city the only option is to make the county govt a ministry. I think that’s what tuju has been waiting for all along.

Sonko was barred from accessing or excercising the powers of the governor until cleared. He had the time to nominate a deputy governor but he didn’t. He lost the chance. His nomination is therefore null and void.

DPP anasema hi nomination issa no and a violation of his bail terms.

That’s is his interpretation of it just like you, Sonko and my opinion of the same. Only the court that issued his plea deal can interpret this as a violation or not. This is because even for me its confusing. Sonko was bared from his office but not all his duties as governor. Selecting his DG wasn’t one of them. The court will have to rule on that. Either way another move on the house of cards. More will surely follow. OP has two options. 1. Continue to pretend that in the last few weeks nobody noticed that without a DG, Sonko has been silently still running the county. 2. Push their narrative to elevate elachi as temporary speaker and face a city election that literary hates handcheque.

So the courts hold that you cannot access the “office”. Then you start executing functions of that office through your phone. So technically you have moved the office to your bedroom. So Nairobi county is being run from someones’ mattress.
The system is not that stupid.

His advisors were overconfident or negligent, the minute the arrests were on the horizon he should have installed a proxy.

Mumbai Ngugi…Kanata kende

According to Sonko lawyer mutula jnr, the judge ruling on Sonko is very clear. He is still Governor of Nairobi. He is not even suspended as such and earns full pay. He is only barred from the governor official physical office which is considered a crime scene so that he doesn’t interference with evidence there. For this and further clarification then parties need to move to court.

So, if today elections were called out in the county of Nairobi, and Sonko is on the ballot, can he still win ?

Would he be allowed to run after being charged with graft?

Let’s put his gtaft case aside.

Yes he can win. The guy has a solid support huko mtaani because he gives handouts a lot and then let’s matatus and hawkers have their way so they all love him