Sonko News Update


Very smart, if he dared hit the woman, the story can easily be turned around to VOW. Whatever the backstory is.

hawa warudishe ubonobo congo…


Sasa huyo mama anajiona master, I won’t be surprised if she started bragging, on how she once beat a man

Am i the only one who would not allow a woman to hit me like that? Ile boost naweza kumwekea huyo.

Equal rights equal lefts.

Mimi ningemchapa. Self-defense is a God given right.

Wewe na huyo mzee…sisi tuliona kwa Captain frisk na hatusumbui. Otherwise iko kunywa nene leo?

Wengine hatujaona
Men ! You really are in shit ! A woman can dare fight in malls ? Anyway i don’t know the whole story

owesskubali kupigwa na madam hivi! you hit me, it becomes self defence.