Sonko Gubernatorial votes.

What % of Nairobian’s voted for Sonko because of Igathe ?


Use your mother tongue. Hatuwezi kosa interpreter

Igathe cannot manage a county. He was a representative of Kirubi cartel at the county

Is it better now ?

This is now better…you are a good student:D

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there are two times nairobians failed to get a good governor…walipomtoa jimna mbaru na kenneth …i still believe nairobi would have been better…but sonko paraded sick people and “helped” them with their hospital bills…“opened” market stalls,took pampers and plastic basins to pumwani,paid for kcpe student’s lunch(for two exam days) among other “hearty” things that “touched” nairobians’ hearts…all this of course was well documented and aired daily by our githeri media as “news” and sponsored content…

I’m looking for a number, a % that is ?

Vile nimeona Nairobi inataka nutcase kama Waititu na Sonko, tukipea watu soft hakuna kitu watafanya. Kama vile Waititu alikata shamba pale blue post jam ikaisha pia sonko amekuwa akipambana na grabber karibu red cross in South C. They might not be dignified people but they are better when it comes to dealing with land grabbers. Or as the English wisemen said “Set a thief to a catch thief.”

It’s negligible, Sonko stronghold was his party and his charity.

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