Sondeka Awards 2018

As turns four this month I am excited to announce that we have been nominated for Sondeka Awards 2018 under the BEST SHORT STORY category . This time voting is absolutely FREE & EASY. The voting period closes on 24th March, which means we have less than 3 days to make this happen. Are you with me?

To cast your vote go to .

#1 Enter your Name, Email address & Phone number.

#2 Select Mark Maish under the SHORT STORY Category (5.a)

#3 Vote at least one person in all the other categories before you hit the submit button.

NB: You must vote under every category for the process to be successful.

Remember to get all your friends and colleagues to vote Mark Maish. Thank you in advance:)

#MarkMaish #TheBrokeBillionaire #SondekaAwards


You have a small penis and a big head.

Sasa nipatie vote ndio nikudiss

You have my vote[ATTACH=full]163273[/ATTACH]

Then after submitting, i am being told that i have already voted. Did this site dish out our email addresses or what ? @Mark Maish , that thing is rigged :eek::eek::eek::eek:

Thanks a lot

Hapana you might have hit the submit button twice


Unafanya nini ukunda? Ama umelipwa na unatupatia kazi ya kanisa kupiga kura


Natafuta kaplot huku ni hame Nairobi for good.

mark good job… sparta anavote


Sande TLS

pewa my vote +1 makanika wa KU

Hehehe thank you!

Hawa mablogger wanapenda kujipea awards zenye hazimake sense, your award should be the number of visitors you’re able to pull through! Hizi awards za kubolster ego hatuwes click.

Vote nimeweka

Thank you!

These old stats (blog & FB page) are the ones I could quickly find in my gallery.

Voted for you, young man. Endelea kuleta hekaya.