The wife gave birth and became obsessed with son. She buys him clothes every 5 minutes, he never even put on half of them. How soon will it end?

Is you drunk nigga?

@Al~pakino leta maoni


Keti pale. NV chieth

Often but certainly not every 5 minutes.

Have you discussed this with her? What does she say?

She loves the kid, ni impulse tu, itaisha after some time. Be patient.

Ongeza yeye kengine atulie

You’ve rose to a senior very quick, is there something waturedio is not telling us

@Electronics4u hii handle yako si umeipromote haraka sana?

Joined on Friday na saa hii ni senior?

Dafuq dude? Just return all the shit back to shops. Or stop giving her money if she can’t control herself. If you cry on the forum, it will never end. Maybe she is too afraid that someone will buy the stuff first? So you can discover her a wonderful world of online shops, such as, where the stock is renewable. To be honest, I have never heard that newborns are bought so many clothes. And what do you mean under obsessed? If she cares about your son, it’s totally okay, you know? I don’t exclude that you are just too stingy and do whine about an average amount of baby clothes.