Sometimes I Wonder?

Sometimes I wonder?
1.Why do we always have to do the right thing when Visitors are arriving? Look at the case of Uhuru Highway, Street Urchins
2.Pssy, Wd, Br & Mney are the reasons I believe Gd exists and that he LOVEs Us
3.Will Safaricom get their butts kicked with the debut of Equitel?
4.Will KQ ever Rise from the Dead even though it’s loud n klear Tight Us pounded it in deep sh
5.Is the problem the leaders or Us?

Gd nyte


My Day already started but Gd nyte to you.

Good morning.

A Good Morning to you Mathice

Habari ya asubuhi
mbona net iko slow?

Bandwidth yote imechukuliwa na maboy wa Obama (you should hear how Prof. Bamba is pronouncing that name). :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

…ulisahau Mumias!

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Yeah noticed it too.