Sometimes i think Africans are just stupid

So, a charcoal black South African is doing is to a fellow African. And some people still think the white man is the problem…let the picture speak

attach pisha visuri

Vyenye @highschooler amesema

“Some Africans else” your generalization belongs to gumzo mtaani.


Umemaliza kusoma kitabu ya valtorta?

Yours are the talking points that the imperialists use to justify the exploitation and neo colonisation of Africa. Some misguided South Africans have turned against their brothers and will pay for it but I still insist that the biggest enemy of Africans are those who’s greed knows no bounds. Those who will destroy whole nations just to get to the natural resources. Those enemies are in the cities considered the most beautiful. They work with their local mandarins to subjugate Africans.
Look at Libya and South Sudan. Eastern DRC is still war zone.

You seem to be one bright chap who wastes his time on social sites.

so stupid

-------------where was the white man in Rwanda