Something is totally wrong with the current generation...


Old news anyway, COVID-19 effects can now be seen.

Probably the reason why I didn’t post on the “News” section

Stop hating on the younger generation maghasia nyinyi! Hapa acting as tho child pregnancies are a new thing.

One mistake of having the man hit it without rubber led to all this shiet…

Ignorance. Biology kidogo watu hawaekewi. Huko shuleni wanasoma nini? Kama msichana wa high school hajui vile mwili yake inafunction, ataelewaje ujanja ya mwizi wa sugoi?

Ghasiyaah! Are you willing to take her back to school?

Ujinga mtupu hio ndio sababu i support selective breeding.

3 years from now a simp like Byro is gonna fall for her and be like “Am not the step father, am the father that stepped up” LOL:D:D


Umekubali the “Hustler” ni Mwizi sugu

He steals money, which we can earn again in our lifetime, your president steals the future of your kids, together with his group of third generation heirs, watoto wa homeguards

Ghasiaa … Heshimu watu wa old money. Bloody nugu

Enyewe. When you are a third generation heir, grandkids of paramount chiefs and the homeguards, io ndio huitwa old money.
Lakini mjue pia hustlers wanataka the same respect. Hatutaki pesa sisi. Tunakula jasho yetu. Heshima lazima mtatupea

Don’t they all equate to thieves?

a mother stealing to pay fees for her kids, and a rich third generation heir stealing from the poor to have fun, they are not equal.

Ruto has a heavy task ahead, which requires massive financial resources.

He is rescuing kenya from the jaws of parasitic owners of capital, dollar billionaires. Lazima ajipange sawa sawa kifedha.

He might also end up loosing his own life, with no one to take care of his own kids and widow, lazima azingatie io pia. But he will emerge victorious, tunamuombea


Ooh,it’s you again… I gave you an ultimatum which you failed to honour. You are about to cry young man!


Wow! A pregnant 17 year old? Kweli dunia inaisha!!!
This has never happened before this generation!!

Parts za dede