someone must do something urgent about ISIS

I was watching cnn fareed zakaria program where she was interviewing zainab Bangura who is Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict

according to her,a real women auction is happening in Isis territories ,according to her report there are 3 levels of of leadership namely
fighters ,who report to Emir who report to Sheik,according to report,women are stripped in an open market where men bargain those women as if they are cows,
the best and youngest are sent to sheiks and some of those girls are as young as 12 and below,in one instance a girl was sold for a packet of cigaret after "serious negation"imagine a naked woman in an open market and men old to be her grand father talking how cheap she is,some saying she has small tits sagging backs???
the report also suggest that the fighters are forcing the ladies to get pregnant with a target of producing forth a generation of their sons who are in their image and who will follow their actions,if this report and true and the actual truth is that Isis is growing in number and in territory,if the world wont crash them now,then osama was a joke

lastly i have two questions

1,is there any possibility that this is the old Taliban in a new outfit???
2,since these people do not have a factory where they manufacture guns bullets ,rpg etc who is providing them with weapons and what benefit are they getting back

by the way,leo niko Nairobi ,and i can afford lunch for two…pale Hilton hotel,kona hauthi…the highlands

have a blessed week


I really hope they give birth to daughters and not sons and the fighters live long and don’t die in the battlefield so that they can see their own daughters being subjected to such treatment as well


Is there a Kona Hauthi in Nairobi, I know one in Nyeri which is a kikuyunized version of Corner House…

And the weaponry is ISIS’s possession is worrying. Maybe US is waiting for their multiplication then world war3 will be inevitable.

Defeating isis can be difficult since they blend in with the civillians in the areas they occupy and therefore you cant just bomb them because the civillian casulties would be very high, they are like the hiv virus. As for the weapons isis earns alot of money from oil which they sell very cheap ( about $20 per barrel) they also savaged alot of weaponly from the iraqi army, in mosul alone when the iraqi army fled they left about 2300 humvees which are now in the hands of isis.

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ISIS is just Saudi, Turkey and USA. A group cannot accumulate such power within a short time without some governments in the region supporting it.


last week @klevgit had a post where there were three videos. the first video contains the answer to your 2nd question. as for the Talliban rebranding, it well could be. Afterall we have different political parties but the people running remain the same. Nothing changes but the name

Were they striped naked and sold as sex slaves? And do christians practice that today? (now that you quoted the bible…)

ata abram tanks ziliwachwa

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They practised it less than a century ago, when christians raise their noses and pretend to be better than muslims, I laugh! religion is a scourge in this planet


Hawa waarabu wanapenda kuzaa sana.

Now there is a person seeing it my

hio kuzaa ndio inafanya wakuwe wengi in this earth… consider vile wamejaa in Europe and neibouring countries. Its a policy not to family plan so that, sooner and not later, Islam/Muslim will be in every corner of the world!!!

Jana i watched the documentary ’
if you watch it much will be clear of what you seek to understand.
asande sana

mungu atusaidie

Big Brother mentality gave birth to ISIS. US of A didnt like Sadam Hussein so they attacked Iraq and got rid of him, with his exit a mess of a country was created, fragmented and incapable of unity.
They then moved to Syria, some rebels decided Assad should go so the US of A supported this myopic group and even funded them, this created lawless territories where rebels had pushed out Syrian army but couldnt administer over the same.

Sooner or later ISIS will be able to hit Americans. Classic case of a child turning against his mother.


Apparently, thats why US invests so much in technology so that they will always want to know what “thier subjects” are upto!!!

they had nothing against sadddam but his policies were just not at all welcome. Just as why they are against the outfit.
by the way I came across tdbit of info that osama was a us operative.:(:frowning:

They should have learnt to live with his policies, simple.

you can only say that from a not knowing front,try and research and the curtain will be raised.
just as a by the way,‘is libya better than with Gaddaffi?’ is it better that he is dead?