So I travelled and will be here at S.A. for some time.Today being a holiday(Heritage Day), I had a visit to the Mandela house,Museum and Apertheid Museum.
At the Apertheid Museum there was alot of documentations,written,photographic,audio and visual of the apertheid era and the subsequent uprisings that lead to its stop.
NOW, what really caught my attention was some clips of the ANC party led by Mandela as they led the peaple into street demonstrations protesting of the discrimination and oppression. In several interviews he always made demands and on being questioned on whether he was threatening violence on the white population he gave vague,diversionary responses.
Several clips of Botha threatening punitive reactions to violent protests were shrugged off by a tough talking Mandela who claimed no control on the reaction of an oppressed populance.
The words and reactions, both from the Government and ANC leaders, were sooo familiar that I am made to believe someone is wrongly trying to apply that ideology and script on a different era and situation.
Seems when “he” came visiting the daughter in hospital, “he” spent more time hallucinating on applying “Tatas” solutions to the apertheid problem as “Babas” solution to the Kenyas political situation than tending to the health issue at hand.

Linguistically handicapped

Kuna mtu amepatikana hapo.

Now that your English has been confirmed as dead on arrival at the museum, si uiache huko ikuwe artefact.

Seems linguistic mastery is now on a very low threshold than I would understand


This is what i call educated stupidity. Mtu mzima na meno 32 unakuja hapa unasema ujinga na ati umepata chance kuona mengi . kesho unaenda kibanda unakatiwa boflo nusu utakuja hapa kusema ati raila amekuwa akikula kwa kibanda na anataka mkate nusu? Petty idiot.

Today demos by Uhuru supporters (Kikuyu/Okuyus) paralysed thika road. it is now clear that demonstrations are not a preserve of a certain community. Ata hiyo ingine inajifanyanga werevu have the same “Stupidity”

Huu mtu tangu kenyanlist hajawai kuwa bright.


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