Someone build an app

That can make this happen from dough


The app is called a “Kienyeji” woman.

Ayayayayaya, hizo ni chapati za compyuta. Last time i checked only our mothers could make such. Slay queens wanatengeneza chapati inakaa kama amoeba

K-Talkers waokote ngapi ngapi wakiendanga?


na zingine ni thick kama slippers

I can do that perfectly:):):slight_smile:

Make some and put them against your thighs we judge

I have seen them made like that in a mass production factory in a TV show called ‘How it’s made’. Amazing stuff.

niliona mbicha ingine ya pink chapatis. karibu ni puke

a well raised woman can make those.


ama plywood! ile huwezi kunja!

Last time nilikula chapati ya kunguru,had to take maalox for indigestion and took the other chapati and used it as a door well 5 months later



sawa. then inbox thighs dear