Somebody tell Jaguar

Now that you have been freed on bond please note the sympathy wave you so desperately wanted to ride to become more popular have since calmed down and died out.
So many things happened while you were away:
We beat TZ in afcon
Bob collymore died
We were beaten like burukenge by Senegal.
Bob collymore was cremated.

You will feature tonight but ‘in aza nyews’ secshen.
So MOVE ON dude, coz we almost had even forgotten about you and don’t be so reckless in your utterances next time, coz now you must have realized that you don’t have a god father.

Watu wa Starehe mko wapi ? Your slay king is not a even a king. Just a slay-chokosh

jamaa wa turedio wacha nikuambie…hii kenya yetu people struggle to remain relevant…we had forgotten about him and had to fight his way to the ‘headlines’…nobody gives a ferk about what he does after today…attention seekers tu

nikujaribu kutafta attention vile huona maveteran wakifanya…lakini it has gone wrong.Achukue lessons kwa ma-odih wenye hadi wanaamsha rumour ya assasination

Njagua is not Sonko, and he’d better remember that.

Njagua has/had a very valid point. Kenya is not/should not be a dumping ground. Today every major town is littered with beggars from Tanzania, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Malawi and even Zambia TRAFFICKED IN.

he is being persecuted juu ya support yake Kwa ruto

I can see villagers caping for Tz extra hard na vile wakenya huko are treated vibaya. Kama hii sio Stockholm syndrome then i dont know what is. Wakenya tumerogwa.

In Kenya the strong arm tactics are only dished out on Mt. Kenya people. Mkiuliza promises, Mshenzi! Mkiitisha community successor ni makelele tu kasarani. Mkisema biashara ya mkono ni ya locals only, Jail. My friend najua siku yenu ya kuamua itakuwa a very very big shock to those few.

si nimeskia breaking news eti umeshikwa?


Njagua spoke of physical harm to foreigners.

If a few foolish goons take him up, we’d have random attacks on strangers, including those legitimately in Kenya. The next step, we all know, is regional cleansing: What is a Luo mechanic doing in Murang’a town?

There are also Kenyans by the same numbers if not more, in those countries respectively.

Xenophobes, bigots and chauvinists never see it that way. The day Kenyans are targeted in the same way in TZ, they’ll know.

nattychieth wacha umeffi mbwa hii,in tz wakenya wameshakua targeted to the point of couples being separated,fanya homework