Somebody Explain This to Me Like I Am a Six-Year Old............

How can a rational, right-thinking man believe that Raila will be sworn in on December 12 and - wait for it - then MOVE INTO STATE HOUSE?

“Tulisema wakiapisha tunaapisha. Tarehe kumi na mbili tunaapisha halafu niingie ikulu…” or something to that effect.

I mean, surely?

Ni madhara ya kuvuta Bangi ya Migori:(

They will keep on postponing the date until 2022

That’s Treason.

They will be guests of the state alright but their address will be on kamiti rd. not State house rd.

There is a reason why we chose that date. There is a reason. But you with your intoxicated tribal thing, you cannot understand.12th is liberation of all Kenyans.

Pray tell…

thank you Karl

Raila knows well to play with his peoples minds na he knows well it is against the law so watu wangoje hadi 2022

If i thought baba would give me a better, more conducive business environment I would accept to be ‘liberated’ but we all know that wont happen so heri ningangane kulipa loan under the dynamic duo and let losers continue to wallow in self pity blaming everyone else for their ‘injustices’

Do you know the meaning of treason? No, you dont. Research on the meaning of treason then you come and we can debate.

(1 ) Any person who, owing allegiance to the Republic , in Kenya or elsewhere —
(a ) compasses , imagines , invents , devises or intends—
(i) the death , maiming or wounding, or the imprisonment or restraint , of the President ; or
(ii ) the deposing by unlawful means of the President from his position as President or from the style, honour and name of Head of State and Commander - in - Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya ; or
(iii ) the overthrow by unlawful means of the Government; and
(b) expresses, utters or declares any such compassings , imaginations, inventions, devices or intentions by publishing any printing or writing or by any overt act or deed ,
is guilty of the offence of treason .
(2 ) Any person who, owing allegiance to the Republic —
(a ) levies war in Kenya against the Republic ; or
(b) is adherent to the enemies of the Republic , or gives them aid or comfort, in Kenya or elsewhere ; or
(c ) instigates whether in Kenya or elsewhere any person to invade Kenya with an armed force ,
is guilty of the offence of treason .
(3 ) Any person who is guilty of the offence of treason shall be sentenced to death.

Read those sections from the Penal Code keenly.

Mkiapisha tunaapisha @Mundu Mulosi

Le grande Fan fiction bado inaundwa and you think Uhunye is gonna let that happen … Kunge kuwa ni christmas kwanza munge sema baba christmass anatupa zawadi yetu ya uhuru…aki nyinyi mna i.q ndogo hadi cant make a good narrative gor yaself…[ATTACH=full]141999[/ATTACH]

Ni illusions ju ya fangi and taking what the tin gods as gospel truth.
And you explain how a rational thinking men support barbarism of police who are under instructions from their bosses.



Never argue with a fool.

Raila just wants to be arrested,alafu wafuasi na maadui wake waanze tibim tialala.
Mediators waje,mazungmuzo ya amaani ianze ,mwishowe boflo vidaividiwanga.
Plan may work but lot’s of lives wil be lost.

You chose nothing ferker.
That was the ranting of a frustrated and bitter old man who couldn’t stomach the events that were taking place constitutionally in Kasarani and he had to make a further ass of himself.

Plan isn’t working, it failed a long time ago thus global trotting looking for support to an extent of taking his supporters for a ride that he had even addresses congress and had messages from uncle Sam. Upuusi