Some Very Grim Statistics


statistics are like mini skirts they dont reveal much…


40% of the working population is unemployed…really???..tafakari hayo.


These statistics do not add up.

78.9% of all statistics are made up on the spot, including this one.

But si miniskirts reveal much?

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Remember, the working population is considered as any able bodied individual between ages 15-49 who is actively seeking work, whether it’s employment or self employment.

Now for this bracket, only 60% have something; 1% of them earn more than 100k, 42% less than 10k and 93% less than 40k p.m.

The other 40% in that bracket are just fapping, getting high, watching EPL, watching soaps, bitching 24/7 on social media or tarmacking endlessly after getting bogus papers from Nairobi Aviation et al. as the few opportunities available circulate amongst mainly the other 60%.

This could explain why some coveted jobs eg kwa NGOs are tough to get into coz they just hire amongst themselves even when there is turnover. It’s like a Members’ Only club.

This also explains why political leadership has been clamouring for wazees, especially in the civil service, to stop hanging onto their positions and give the youth a chance. Remember they were even trying to increase the retirement age!

Some countries like Singapore have an unemployment rate of 1.8%. Meanwhile, 4 out of every 10 Kenyans in the working-age population are bilaz.

A country like Thailand is able to report an unemployment rate of 0.62% but it is said that large swathes of the population may be ‘underemployed’ or in the informal sector. At least they have something at the end of each day. In other words, ni MAHUSTLER. I think this is the route that African countries like Kenya should explore. Our tiny economy is not able to generate enough white collar opportunities which is what majority covet and our education system develops ‘robots’ with no critical thinking or entrepreneurial skills. If they don’t get a job in a bank or as an accountant or HR officer, they feel that nothing else is worth it, so they just bum. Occupations like farming, which actually happens to be the backbone of our economy are frowned upon and left to the unproductive wazees or the uneducated rural folk.


Like they say, “Bikinis reveal enough to sustain interest but cover the essentials”

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Ile upus ya 1 million jobs per year ilikuwa ya campaign tu?

Aki … jubilee has issues and how about the employed people especially in white collar jobs but are outright incompetent!!!, this is the lot that should go home
the problem is identifying them and singling them out :confused::confused:

I sincerely hope, for their own sakes, that no Kenyan believed this.

U have talked like 10 Phd holders in Developmental economics