Some Tricks For Android Users!

1. Google Now:

Google Now is your personal assistant on Android device. You can setup Google Now by downloading an app. Google Now has various personalised cards for different activities. You can setup Google Now to update you about your favorite stocks, sports team, flight ticket, weather update and much more. You can also use Google Now voice search feature for Google Search.

2. Launchers and Lock Screen Apps:

Custom launcher and lock screen are the best customisation options in Android. There are number of launcher apps available on Google Play store. These launcher apps offer number of features like widgets, lock-screen notifications. If you are bored with the current user interface of your phone, switching launcher helps in bringing new flavor to your phone.

3. Power Savings Mode:

Many Android devices come with Power Saving Mode. This option helps in getting optimum performance from phone’s battery. Some phones like Samsung Galaxy S5 come with higher-level battery saving mode. Samsung’s ultra power savings mode allows you to send calls, texts, browse internet and use some stock apps. Power saving mode usually shuts off GPS, data, email account sync.

4. Get Extra Battery:

Smartphones are always connected to the Internet, this results in excessive battery consumption. You may not be always near the power outlet when your phone’s battery dies. Many Android devices come with removable battery. You can keep extra battery with you while traveling so, when the phone’s battery dies, you can simply put the extra battery.

5. Google Chrome Sign-in:

Not many users are aware of this feature. You can sign in your Google account in Chrome browser on your Android phone. All bookmarks, preferences, history, passwords from your Google Chrome on PC get automatically sync with phone’s Chrome.

6. App Folders:

This is another great customisation feature. The feature is there since Android 2.2 FroYo. You can create folders in app drawer to organize your applications menu. This helps in categorizing the apps. On stock Android powered devices, you can drag and drop an app on top of another to create folder while, in some custom Android OS powered devices, you can find an option to create folder on top bar in app drawer.

7. Third-Party Keyboard:

Android offers number of keyboard apps. You can adopt to third party keyboard for better typing experience. There are number of feature-full keyboards available for Android. Swipe, swiftkey are great options for power users. You can download these apps from Google Play Store.

8. Bandwidth Management:

You can monitor and restrict the data usage in Android device by using bandwidth management option. You can find this option in Chrome browser for Android. Users can turn on Reduce Data Usage option in chrome, it removes unnecessary whitecaps and translates images into smaller folders. This cuts down data usage in great amount.

9. Google Authenticator:

Google Authenticator is two-step verification security for your Google account. This app generates an additional security code whenever you login from new device. Whenever you login from different computer or smartphone, you will need to open this app and enter the code to access your Google account.

10. Change Default Apps:

You can change your default web browser, launcher app, keyboard app using this feature. You can find this option to clear default app in Settings > All Apps > Clear Defaults.