Some tracks in my play-list. #TBT;list=WL;t=0;list=WL;list=WL;list=WL;list=WL

Hiyo ya Jade IMEWEZA!!! You’ve taken me back to a wonderful time in my life. I was in class 2 then. :slight_smile:

Wacha nirudishe 5 miles to empty

AARON HALL, took me quite sometime to realize he was a black

Keith sweat _ nobody
Freak Adina Howard
No dignity no doubt
Candy rain soul for real
Baby baby
Flavor of the old school _ Brandy
One in a million Aliyah
Four pages letter_aliyA
One for the money
horrace brown
Mo money More problem _ puff daddy

Tialala!! Apart from Keith Sweat. That niggas voice was very very strange.