Some things will only happen when it snows in the sahara...

[SIZE=7]Amazing Photos Show Snow On The Dunes Of The Sahara Desert[/SIZE]

Last updated 15:50, Sunday 17 January 2021 GMT,quality=70,format=jpeg,fit=pad,dpr=1/
A selection of amazing - and pretty bizarre - pictures have shown the snow that has fallen on parts of the Sahara Desert over the last few days.
While we’re more than used to a bit of snow and freezing cold temperatures over here in the UK during January, it’s less usual to see the mercury dip below zero or snowfall in the Middle East or the Sahara Desert in Africa.
However, that’s exactly what has happened. As well as the freak snow in Africa, Saudi Arabia has also recorded temperatures as low as -2C, raising yet further concerns about the freak nature of the world’s weather in recent times.,quality=70,format=jpeg,fit=pad,dpr=1/ Bav Media/Karim Bouchetata

In Saudi Arabia, people have actually been enjoying this unusual diversion from their normal hot and arid weather. Geo News reported that people flocked to the nearby desert to catch a glimpse of the snow that had fallen.
Photographer Karim Bouchetata captured some stunning images of snow decorating the dunes of the Sahara near to the town of Ain Sefra in Algeria.,quality=70,format=jpeg,fit=pad,dpr=1/
Credit: Bav Media/Karim Bouchetata
Sheep could be seen wandering around - presumably as surprised and confused as everyone else - on Wednesday (13 January) when temperatures dropped to -3C.

Ain Sefra is known as the Gateway to the Desert, and sits 1,000m above sea level in the middle of the Atlas Mountains.

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Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco has been snowing for a hot minute … last year when I was in Tunisia it was snowing pretty heavy up by the mountains.

It happened last year as well nothing special. Ever been to the desert at night? Its cold af.

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Common characteristics of desserts is very hot during the day, and extremely cold at night. This is a result of heat loss due to radiation. This is caused by high altitude. For example, temperature in the Kalahari can go as low as -12c at night.