some questions I ask about christianity?

  1. God willed everyone to be born even before He created the earth. He knows who will be born tomorrow and how and by whom. So if someone is born out of fornication, how is it a sin and God willed how you will be born?

  2. Why did God chose Israel over other nations? What did we not do or do?

  3. Why is the black people oppressed so much? What is wrong with us? Why aren’t we saved and exalted like the Israelites in 1940s?

  4. Is the story of Ham being father of blacks true? If so, why punish billions of black people because of one person for all that time?

  5. Is it a sin to drink beer and why?

  6. Why does the modern Kenyan church support dowry payment and circumcision but not any other traditional ceremony? why accept just some points and say others are bad? would it be acceptable if I took some ceremonies from Islam? what is the difference? My point is, why not completely abandon any traditional ceremony? I know some will say that Jesus did not but see my earlier point; Jesus was all 100% jew and did not take some aspects of jewism

While you are at it…

If the Holy Spirit directs all believers to the same truth, why are there so many sects of Christianity?

Adam and eve…humans had to have the choice to reject God; otherwise, it wouldn’t be love.Is love a principle higher than God (they say god is love), so that he’s obligated to work within its confines? Is he incapable of designing love such that everyone is secure in it without teetering on the edge of eternal punishment? Was ejection from Eden inevitable? Its like a man who gets a puppy, tells it not to pee on the carpet, flies into a rage when it does, hurls it outside to be abandoned forever — and then considers himself the victim.

Is god’s provision as guaranteed as the Bible says? If any result can be considered an answer to a prayer, how do one know if it’s actually working? why pray at all if you have to listen to understand what God wants you to pray for, and then ask for it.
The same results happen when you pray to a refrigerator…yes”, “no”, or “maybe”

A compassionate and empathetic creator would set its creation up for success kama biachara,innit?


Answers to your question is no.


Faith is hard to understand or even to question. I have learnt that the best thing is to avoid confronting people on faith matters. And also avoid their pushing on the same

Not really. One is allowed to question. Even God allows questions. The image of God in popular culture has nothing to do with reality. Cherry picking Bible verses so as to achieve a certain end is disingenuous. The Bible is a story of love. And redemption. But one needs to look at the whole book. And not specific verses. Because kila kitu ni contextual. And then remember the constraints of language and time. We are beings bound by time. And so we cannot imagine a timeless existence. And our understanding if time tends to be linear. But time has a cyclical element which we are not quick to integrate into our ideas of life.We are debating in a language that is not our mother tongue. And we read the Bible in a language it was not written in. Kudos to the Muslims for insisting on Arabic. Its very complex. And yet folk demand simple answers and so the offered answers shall not be very accurate. And the debate shall continue ad nauseum